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Are you still doing everything yourself?

We’ve all said it before “I can’t take someone on because my job is unique”, “I’m faster than they are, so it doesn’t make sense to delegate it”, or “I’m worried that they might make a mistake”.

These are all the wrong way of looking at it.

You need to break your job down into smaller parts and document as much of it as possible otherwise you won’t be able to delegate it.

It can be a long-winded process, but you should dedicate time to developing your processes every day! If you spent an hour per process each day, then by the end of the month you’d be able to delegate a fair amount of your job!

Document your opening and closing procedures first so you can at least start to claw back some time in the morning and evening!

In less than two years I’ve gone from working on my own to having a team of 8.

I started by delegating smaller tasks that were easier to document so that I could focus more on growing my business.

As time went on I was able to hire staff with a higher skill level and delegate more complex jobs and management tasks.

The minute that I let go of the tasks that I didn’t want to do, I instantly had more time for my existing clients and finding new opportunities.

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