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Are you spending too much time collating information and paying suppliers, staff and HMRC?

Are you spending too much time collating information and paying suppliers, staff and HMRC?
Take advantage of your credit card provider's terms and incentives, increase accuracy with VAT Returns, reduce bank reconciliation errors, and save time!

Paying Suppliers

We'll liaise directly with your suppliers, collect all of your invoices and statements and then pay them off every week leaving you with one single, consolidated invoice to worry about

Paying Staff

If we manage your payroll, you can ask us to pay your staff directly. We'll run your payroll, send you the total and then once you've paid us, we'll pay all of your staff individually on their set pay day and handle any queries surrounding their pay.

Paying HMRC

If we're looking after your payroll, VAT, or end of year accounts, we can square your bill off with HMRC.

The Benefits

Ts & Cs will obvs apply like you’ll have to make sure that you’ve paid us before we pay your suppliers or staff- we’re not Amazon and we don’t have endless cash. We’re working on the rest of the Ts & Cs, but we aim to keep them at a minimum because no one ever reads them.

We’ll keep costs as low as feasibly possible, but we’ll obvs be charged by our merchant service provider for facilitating card payments and by the bank for making transfers. There won’t be any subscription fees or monthly retainers or hidden costs.

The Boring Bits

Save time- by letting us deal with your suppliers and make payments it'll reduce the amount of admin time you're spending.
Reduce errors- less transactions on your bank account means less reconciliations and a lower chance of something going wrong.
Increase VAT Return accuracy- if we're handling everything, there's less chance of a bill going missing and being excluded from your Return
Utilise Incentives- if you have a commercial credit, MasterCard or Amex you'll be able to pay us with it and take full advantage of what your provider offers

Interested? Send us an Email

We’ll be taking on clients a few at a time whilst we finalise putting our systems together and testing the waters. If we’re unable to facilitate payments right away, we’ll add you to our mailing list and let you know as soon as we’re live and what information we’ll need from you in order to get going.
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