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Payroll Services

Let us help you take the stress out of paying your employees.

Payroll is one of those systems that is often less expensive to outsource than to complete in-house.


We have a team member dedicated solely to serving our payroll clients, so we can handle everything from new starters to leavers and P11ds to P60s.


We use cloud-based payroll software that allows your employees to log in and download their own payslips effectively removing the need for hard copies and the extra costs that go along with it.


What's more, the more employees you have, the lower the cost per person.

Payroll Services Pricing


Some examples of payroll pricing:

If you have 52 employees who are being paid on a monthly basis:

One-Off Setup Costs: 52 x £2 = £110

Monthly Costs: 1 x £15 + 24 x £7 + 25 x £6 + 2 x £5= £343 per month

If you have 23 employees who are being paid on a weekly basis:

One-Off Setup Costs: 23 x £2 = £46

Monthly Costs: 1 x £22.5 + 22 x £10.5 = £253.5 / month

If you've been using up too much of your valuable time on your payroll, let's chat to find out if it might ultimately be cheaper for us to handle it for you!

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