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Hospitality is one of the largest sectors in the UK, but it's also very closed off. We work with clients that may sit between dozens of other independents on the high street, but they often feel as though they can't approach each other, or talk about what's going right or wrong in their business. One of our key goals is to bridge that gap and turn this amazing industry into a community that finds it easier to communicate and collaborate with like-minded people.

We're fortunte enough to work with some amazing hospitality businesses that we've given advice to, helped to grow, or simply been a sounding board for and every so often we like to get them on camera so that we can share their stories.

We love informally interviewing our clients as we often get to find out things that we don't already know, and we get to ask them questions that other clients put forward.

Brew Coffee & Kitchen

We speak with Laura Ball, owner-operator of Brew Coffee & Kitchen about how she's gone from not being able to take a wage, to growing her revenue by 94.6%, and all within 7 months.

Wednesday 27th September 2023

Desserts By Dre

In this video I spoke with Andre Carrington- the man behind Desserts by Dre and I got to ask him the following questions (some of which you guys have asked me when I've spoken about him previously);
How did it start?
What was the low point?
When did you realise it was going to work?
How have you built your following?
Why do people travel so far to you?
What’s in store for the future?
What’s the end goal?

Tuesday 3rd October 2023

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