Hospitality Accountants

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Gareth spent over a decade working both front and back of house in award-winning hotels, restaurants and pubs in England such as The Griffin InnStorrs Hall and Dormy House, and for amazing Agencies such as CJUK, so he knows what it’s like to work 70-hour weeks with no days off. He’s painfully experienced with carrying his stress home to a family he barely spent any time with because there was always something to do.

Importantly, he recognised that bookkeeping and tax compliance almost always fell to the wayside during the inevitable storm that happens when trying to run a hospitality business. And 9 times out of 10, it created unnecessary losses in the form of inventory wastage and HMRC fines.

However, during his tenure as a manager in the hospitality sector, he’s won two “Restaurant of the Year” Awards. With intelligent and attentive supplier changes, process improvements and efficient budget setting, he’s saved hundreds of thousands of pounds from being wasted through inefficiencies.

He found his calling in the incessant paperwork and now practices as a trusted hospitality accountant who knows what he’s doing, helping businesses across the sector from distilleries to pubs to hotels.

So whether you're an established pub that doesn't have time for their own bookkeeping or a new distillery struggling with your W21 Forms then Evans & Co is here.

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We can save you £1000s through efficient inventory management.
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Stop wasting money on labour inefficiencies. Get smart with optimised rotas & automated payroll.
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Take advantage of Gareth's network of contacts throughout the hospitality sector.
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Completely flexible service according to your budget and requirements, from full service to occasional hours.