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Founder's Note

After being a chef for what seemed like forever, I decided I needed a change.
I was constantly left feeling unfulfilled and my wife and I were like passing ships with the hours I was working. Even in managerial positions, I was constantly feeling overworked and burdened with tasks that I really didn't want to do.

What I did enjoy though, was paperwork and accounting - the things that most hospitality business owners and managers actively try to avoid (after all, you didn't set out to run an accountancy practice!)


I quickly discovered that my appreciation for paperwork and numbers was far more valuable than I thought- I was able to save the companies that I was working for hundreds of thousands of pounds by digging through numbers and uncovering inefficiencies that I knew how to fix.

So I traded in my knives and apron for spreadsheets and a laptop and I'm now getting so much satisfaction out of helping businesses with my niche and expert knowledge of the hospitality industry.

I founded Evans & Co to present a professional name that reflects the experience that I've gained over the years. However, my 'firm' is me and my wife. I am a husband and father first and foremost.

I have personally experienced how much blood, sweat and tears that goes into building and running a business and I know how tough it can be to filter out all the snake oil when there's just so much out there.

Transparency plays a huge part in what we do here at Evans and Co. We believe that our industry is hard enough to understand with all the jargon flying about without adding the “secrecy of pricing” into the mix.

That’s why we took the decision to use GoProposal. GoProposal is based on charging clients in a transparent manner- provided that you’ve been open and honest about the amount of work that you need completing, what we quote is what you pay.

We even put it in black and white and break it down section by section, cost by cost right in front of you. Our packages are fully customisable and are reviewed each quarter. So if you’ve had a bit of quiet time, then no worries we can remove a service or two. Conversely, if you’ve been far busier than expected, we can take more off your hands. Although we review packages quarterly, you’re welcome to request a review at any point if you believe that your needs are about to change.

As above, you’ll know what you’re paying from the outset.

On top of that, we don’t believe in annual or quarterly fees. That’s why we bill monthly. It helps you budget for the month ahead without having to worry about paying a lump sum every year (which can be a particular strain if your financial year ends in January).

Our fees keep you in control.

We're so committed to helping our clients go paperless that we've made two new tools- an online New Starter form (only accessible to clients and their employees) that goes directly to our payroll inbox and a paperless invoice service- just fill out the form and we'll send it to where it needs to go!

As lovely as the stuff is, we firmly believe that it should remain attached to trees. We’re over 90% paperless. The only paperwork that we print out is the stuff that is required by law to have a “wet” signature.

We invest heavily in GDPR compliant software (like Accountancy Manager) to ensure that we’re doing our bit for the environment and that the information we hold about you is completely safe. All of your info is stored in an easily accessible portal so it’s all in one place for as long as you’re a client.

Going paperless also has a huge security impact- there are no documents flying about with sensitive information on and you’re not relying on the postal service to deliver anything critical. All of our passwords are stored in a secure “vault” and client information is backed up to an un-networked hard drive.

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